June 24, 2016

Songbird Essentials Expands with Acquisition of Premier Backyard Brands (Schrodt Designs)

MEXICO, (MO) JUNE 22, 2015 - Songbird Essentials is happy to announce the acquisition of Premier Backyard Brands (Schrodt Designs).  Schrodt has a long-standing business relationship with Mel Toellner, owner of Songbird Essentials, as well as an extensive history of service to the backyard nature industry. 

In announcing this acquisition, Toellner states, "With the recent expansion of our facility in Mexico, MO, our focus has been to introduce new products, but in the effort to maintain the availability of products that our customers want and need, when companies reach out to us to see if we're interested in buying them, we say YES!"

Songbird Essentials will continue to offer all top selling Schrodt items including their popular Hummingbird Feeders, Seed Feeders, Butterfly Houses, Bat Bungalows and more.  Over time Songbird Essentials will begin to cultivate new styles.  Colorful and informational hang tags are being added to all items to further increase their recommended "out of box" in-store display.  Items will continue to be made in the USA, with few exceptions, in accordance with prior production.

When asked his thoughts on expanding the Songbird Essentials brand to include the products from Premier Backyard Brands, Toellner commented, "We are happy to add this popular line under the Songbird Essentials umbrella.  Our goal is to continue to offer the products that our customers have come to rely on, but also by expanding our brand, we can continue to create new jobs in the community."

About Songbird Essentials

Songbird Essentials is a family owned and operated company located in the middle of  the US in Mexico, Missouri.  Many of their products have been recommended, designed, and tested by Backyard Birding enthusiasts and / or Wild Bird Nature Store owners and employees.  They strive to have products domestically made (over 95%).  Aside from their own dedicated staff of employees, they also provide meaningful work to several outstanding sheltered workshop organizations.  Owner Mel Toellner created Songbird Essentials in the effort to offer top quality wild bird products exclusively to independent retailers and never to national big box discount chain stores.  The Songbird Essentials brand has expanded to now encompass  over 1,500 products.

For further information contact:

Mel Toellner

President, Songbird Essentials

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